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  New Products:

The ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 offers unrivaled flexibility across a wide range of imaging applications. Easily change from USB 3.0 to Camera Link connectivity. .... read more.


The ultimate solution for luminous flux and radiant power measurement of LEDs.... read more

CMOS Beam Profiling CameraStanda's CMOS Beam Profiling Camera USB 3.0 for the Fastest Transfer Rates Up to 10X faster than  regular USB 2.0 connections (also USB 2.0 compatible) 2.2 MPixels resolution gives accurate profile measurements on very small beams. .... read more.


Edinburgh Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of a new fluorescence spectrometer, the FS5, a fully integrated steady state spectrometer with single photon sensitivity, designed for the research and analytical market. - ....read more.



Hamamatsu Photonics technology solving mysteries of the universe... read more.