Access Gamma Scientific Calibration Services

When an instrument’s time in service reaches its specified calibration interval, it should be returned for calibration service.  Gamma Scientific’s NVLAP Accredited and ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory (NVLAP Code 200823-0) has been a industry leader for decades providing reliable high-quality instrument calibration services to the world’s leading scientific organizations.

In addition to the assurance of accurate measurements, the benefits of calibration include

  • Ability to trace your measurements back to a known and accepted standard
  • Acceptance of your measurements internationally
  • Increase in productivity
  • Ability to meet requirements of quality programs such as ISO-9001

Calibration certificates are provided to document your specific hardware meets its published specification.  Calibration certificates identify the measurement or source device calibrated, provides proof of traceability, identify environmental conditions and date of calibration, and show that the calibration meets a quality standard. (Includes Gamma Scientific and other manufacturers’ equipment.)

Gamma Scientific operates an ISO/IEC 17025 compliant NVLAP (NVLAP Code 200823-0) accredited calibration laboratory that performs ENERGY STAR® lighting certification, LM-79 testing, and LM-80 testing.

The scopes of accreditation are most extensive among all similar equipment manufacturers.  All calibrations, within our scope of accreditation have equivalency to calibrations provided by NIST.

ISO 170725 Accredited Calibration Capabilities

  • Spectral Irradiance (W/cm2/nm, 200-1700nm)
  • Spectral Radiance (W/cm2/sr/nm, 200-1700nm)
  • Spectral Flux (W/nm)
  • Total Luminous Flux (lumens)
  •  Illuminance (Lux)
  • Luminance (cd/m2)
  • Correlated Color Temperature (Kelvin)
  • CIE x,y

Calibration Categories

  • Light sources
  • Detectors (UV/Vis/IR)
  • First surface reflectance
  • Retroreflectance (RA, RL, RI)
  • NVIS (system calibration, panels)
  • Transmission/Reflectance (filters, diffusers, lens)