MSM Photodetector G4176-03

G4176-03MSM Photodetector

MSM Photodetector

MSM Photodetector [57 KB/PDF]

HAMAMATSU realized MSM (Metal-Semiconductor-Metal) Photodetectors having ultrafast responses.


The GaAs MSM Photodetector G4176 features 30ps response time for both rise & fall while keeping a low dark current (100pA at Ta=25 ーC). The rise time of the InGaAs MSM Photodetector G7096 is 40ps.
Symmetrical and interdigital Schottky contacts are fabricated at the sensitive area, whose size can be larger than other kinds of fast response photodetectors. This makes easier to set up with optics. Therefore, MSM Photodetectors are suited for measurements of optical high-speed waveform and optical communications.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25 ℃)
Item Symbol Condition Value Unit
Bias Voltage Vb ±10 V
Peak Input Light Φ Pulse width ≦ 1 ns *1 50*2 mW
pulse width > 1 ns 5*2 mW
Operating Temperature Top(a) -40~+85
Strage Temperature Tstg -40~+100

*1: Duty ratio should be less than 50 %.(Even if the pulse width is 1 ns, when the duty ratio is >50 %, pulse width > 1ns is applied.)
*2: This value is under the condition that the light irradiate the whole effective area (200 μm ) uniformly.
When the irradiated area is smaller than effective area of the detector, the peak input light becomes smaller in proportional to the irradiate area.

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General Characteristics

General Characteristics (Ta=25 ℃)
Item Symbol Condition Value Unit
Spectral Response Range λ Vb = 7 V 450 ~ 870 nm
Peak Response Wavelength λp Vb = 7 V 850 nm
Effective Sensitive Area A 0.2 × 0.2 mm2
Chip Size 1 × 1 mm2
Package TO-5
(Unified with SMA connector

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Electrical and Optical Characteristics

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta=25 ℃, Vb= 7 V)
Item Symbol Condition Value Unit
Min. Typ. Max.
Radiant sensitivity S λ = 850 nm 0.2 0.3 A/W
Dark Current Id 100 300 pA
NEP*3 λ = 850 nm 0.2 × 10-15 3 × 10-15 W/Hz1/2
Terminal Capacitance*4 Ct 0.3 0.4 pF
Rise Time tr 10 to 90 %
(design value)*5
30 ps
Fall Time tf 90 to 10 %
(design value)*5
30 ps

*3: Noise Equivalent Power
*4: Value of Chip only
*5: Values excluding response time of light source, bias tee, assembly circuit, oscilloscope etc

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Optical Pulse Response, Spectral Response

Optical Pulse Response(left), Spectral Response(right)

G4176-03 パルス応答波形例、分光感度特性

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Dimensional Outlines

Dimensional Outlines (Unit : mm)

G4176-03 外形寸法図
The contents are as of March 2013. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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