Laser Cooling unit PS1223CO


Cooling unit PS1223CO is second generation of water-to-water cooling units designed for flashlamp-pumped lasers.
Microcontroller operated PS1223CO has better performance than PS1222CO while maintaining full backward compatibility.
PID controller smoothly regulates water flow thru heat exchanger maintaining high stability of output temperature in a wide range of removed heat (Fig. 1). Temperature of coolant at output, return, tank and water supply, coolant flow, pressure, tank water level and conductivity are measured.
Using this data microcontroller stabilizes output temperature, estimates removed heat, generates early warnings and errors.
All data can be accessed by any of interface: USB, Ethernet or optional RS232, RS485, CAN. Test and adjustment utility program for Windows is included (for use with USB interface).
Coolant flow and output pressure can be adjusted manually using bypass valve, located inside unit (Fig. 2).
Maximum heat removal capability of the PS1223CO depends on temperature difference between coolant output temperature and supply water temperature (Fig. 3)


▶▶Water-to-water cooling unit in 19” rack mount stainless steel case

▶▶Cooling capacity 0 – 5 kW (at temperature difference 10 °C)

▶▶PID controller based temperature regulation in range 15 – 35 °C, better than 0.1 °C stability

▶▶Smooth supply water flow regulation by proportional valve

▶▶Controlled deionizer maintains constant coolant conductivity (preset in range 1…100 μS/cm)

▶▶Easy replaceable particle filter, accessed from front panel

▶▶Coolant pressure can be reduced using Bypass valve

▶▶Graphic display

▶▶Overheat, overpressure, low flow, low coolant level warnings and error stop, error indication by LED, beeper, display, interlock connector, remote control interfaces

▶▶Optional USB, Ethernet interface for installation adjustment and remote control

▶▶Optional RS232, CAN interfaces

p47  p48                             Fig. 1. Output temperature stability