Light Shaping Diffusers


Edge-lit Uniformity Tape (EUT) is an LSD-based (Light Shaping Diffuser®) thin film that homogenizes and diffuses light generated by LEDs in edge lit lighting.
The EUT film is applied directly to the side of the light guide facing the LED light source.
The film includes an optically clear adhesive to adhere to the light guide.
The opposite side of the film facing the LED light source is the LSD microstructure covered by a protective film which must be removed after installation.
The EUT microstructure improves brightness uniformity as it homogenizes the light and spreads it more evenly in the plane of the light guide to reduce dark spots and hot spots.

• Spreads and homogenizes light to increase  brightness uniformity
• Reduces hot spots, head-lighting or other  non-uniform characteristics
• Enables uniformity at increased LED spacing, potentially reducing LED costs
• Simple tape application to the side of the light guide facing the LED light source
• No alignment required

• Cost savings for manufacturers—fewer  EDs required for uniform coverage
• Easy application—adhesive backing
• Increases brightness uniformity and reduces non-uniform Characteristics


Optical Characteristics
• Transmission: G reater than 88%
• Lighting Panel Uniformity: Greater than 80%
• Light Spread Angle : +/-70º from the normal

• Substrate 2 mil (50μm) Polyester
• Adhesive 2 mil (50μm) Acrylic PSA

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