Temperature dependence of phosphors via photo- and thermoluminescence

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Temperature Dependence of Phosphors via Photo – and Thermoluminescence

Phosphors used in discharge lamps and light emitting diodes, displays and scintillators are commonly characterised via photoluminescence spectroscopy. Their light emitting properties are connected to the structure and the interaction of the active ions with the lattice.
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The new Energy Meter Accessory for the LP980 Spectrometer

The LP980 Transient Absorption Spectrometer from Edinburgh Instruments now offers calibrated, software-controlled energy meters to monitor experimental conditions in real time.
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Stopped Flow Accessory for the FLS1000 Fluorescence Spectrometer

We are pleased to announce the stopped flow accessory for the FLS1000 Fluorescence Spectrometer which enables reaction kinetics to be recorded with microsecond time resolution.
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