GAMMA SCIENTIFIC- The RS7 SpectralLED® family

The RS7 SpectralLED® family of tunable light sources


RS7 Datasheet Download

Gamma Scientific is proud to introduce the latest innovation in uniform intensity light sources.  The RS7 SpectralLED® family of tunable light sources incorporate up to 34 discrete wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or based on spectra that you import.  A finalist for the Sapphire Award for Advances in Solid-State Light Sources, the platform is easily adaptable for automated test systems and production line integration, with integrated optical feedback and temperature control to ensure rock-solid stability and consistent results.

  • Large Output Port – Exit ports ranging from 150mm to 600 mm or more
  • Fiber Optic Output – Flexible illumination where space is limited
  • Wafer Probe – Directly replaces lamp-based sensor testers
  • Baffle Output – User-adjustable f-number ranging from f/1 to /f4
  • Wide Field of View – Up to 180° rield of view with < 97% uniformity
  • Light Booth – Enables CRI experimentation, analysis and optimization
  • SWIR – Short Wave Infrared option coming soon


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