Ekspla-Atlantic 6

Atlantic 6-Industrial Compact Air Cooled Picosecond Laser


  • 5 W at 1064 nm output power
  • Up to 1 MHz repetition rate
  • Up to 30 µJ pulse energy
  • Short pulse duration 10 ps
  • Excellent beam quality M²< 1.3
  • Air cooling (dry laser head)
  • Seeder burst mode, pulse on
  • Smart triggering for synchronous
    operation with polygon scanner
  • Compact, sealed and rugged
  • Low maintenance
  • Single-phase powering


  • Cold marking
  •  Sapphire dicing
  • Heat sensitive material
  • Medical stents fabrication
  • Medical stents fabrication
  • CIGS scribing
  • Patterning, texturing,

Atlantic 6 is designed for industrial micromachining applications as a reliable, compact and cost effective
solution. Hybrid fiber and DPSS technologies implemented in this model make it also very energetically
efficient, which enables air cooling solution for laser head. No water is used inside laser, which means you should not worry about unexpected leakage, regular water replacement or possible chiller failure. Laser head generates only around 150 W of heat, so it required quite simple heat management solutions for system integrators. Laser do not require a chiller or big heat exchanger, so all
control and power supply electronics is fit into standard 3U 19-inch rack. Hybrid technology enables new
pulse control features, which are not present in earlier Atlantic series lasers. Atlantic 6 can provide burst of pulses spaced only 25 ns in time, so called seeder burst mode. It is very useful in material processing applications, because in some cases it allows to increase process efficiency or at least provides additional variable parameter for process optimization. Atlantic 6 has broad range of accessible pulse
repetition ranges, from single pulse to 1 MHz. Sophisticated pulse picker provides any required sequence of pulses with high contrasts and perfect pulse to pulse parameters stability.
Laser accepts external triggering and emits optical pulses with low jitter, in range of 7 ns RMS, which enables good synchronization with very fast scanning systems, like polygon scanner.
Each Atlantic series laser pass very strict quality assurance procedure. Every single unit is checked for
vibrations resistance, tested at different environment temperature and humidity conditions, treated by
extreme temperatures (up to 70 °C). Before shipment multiple external and internal laser parameters are measured and checked with technical requirements. This costs us time and resources but we believe this is necessary to guaranty unprecedented laser quality and trouble free operation at customer side.
Our engineers are always ready to collaborate with system integrators providing valuable advices and small laser optimizations according to integrators needs.

1) Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject
to change without notice. Parameters marked typical are not
specifications. They are indications of typical performance and will
vary with each unit we manufacture. Unless stated otherwise, all
specifications are measured at 1064 nm.
2) Fundamental wavelength and lower harmonics are also available
with full specifications. Automatically switched outputs.
3) Pulse repetition rate can be factory pre-set to single requested
frequency or tunable in all specified range. Lower pulse repetition
rates are available using pulse gating system (included in standard