EKSMA Laser Synchronization Modules

SY4000 synchronization module and pulse delay generator

▶ Compact design
▶ OEM (single board) and encased
▶ 8 independent output channels
▶ Ultra-stable internal clock 0.2 ppm
▶ Precise delay control in range 2 ns to
150 ms
▶ 25 ps timing resolution
▶ Hi-accuracy synchronization to
external pulse train
▶ DAC output
▶ Both 50 Ω and differential outputs
▶ Measurement of
– Optical clock frequency
– Triggering frequency
– Delay
▶ Frequency divider
▶ Frequency divider for photodetectors

SY4000 Synchronization module and pulse delay generator encased

Pulse synchronization module with delay generator is designed to create up to 8 delayed output pulse sequences precisely synchronized to internal or external clock. Photo detector or electrical signal can be used as input source to be synchronized with. Generator gives possibility to create different sequences like delayed triggering, or
any delayed precisely timed series. Particularly, Ekspla recommend using SY4000 to create sets of pulses to control PCD-UHR series pockels cell drivers with one, two or 4 triggering inputs. 

Encased Version Preserves all specifications as SY4000 in additionally communication ports RS232, USB, LAN, WLAN are added. Powering from mains 90…264 V, 50–60 Hz or 12 V DC. Power consumption less than 15 W. Ideal solution for your lab and/or evaluation before switching to OEM version.