Ben Moshe represents leading edge Electro optics and imaging manufacturers in Israel. Its office is located in the heart of Israel’s business center.

Its technical and commercial team provides state of the art support in its specialty fields

Standard services

– Technical assistance to (potential) customers.

– Aggressive marketing using our exclusive database of Israeli high tech companies and contacts

– Custom release, banking and transport assistance

– Follow up on orders and payment

– Service of sophisticated equipment

– Annual forecasts

– Reporting of economic developments of key customers

– Etc.


General Manager, founder and service coordinator:

Mr.Yair Greenstein with an academic degree in Chemistry

and > 40 years sales and service experience of Electro optic equipment.

Commercial Director:

Ms. Talia Greenstein, with a commercial academic degree and 40 years experience in Ben-Moshe.

Sales and Application engineers:

Dr. Anna Kiselev, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry,

25 years sales experience,

Mr. Zohar Shamash, Physical engineer,

24 Years sales experience.

Ms. Moshit Magen Imaging engineer,

16 Years sales experience.

Sales coordinators:

Mr. Yaron Dan

Far east sales coordinator.

Mr. Daniel Strasser

Europe sales coordinator.

Mr. Or Ben-Yaakov

America sales coordinator