Customer base

We have in depth knowledge of the Israeli high-tech industries, and strong ties with all key developers in the Electro-optics and imaging branch.

Our clients includes OEM manufacturers in the following fields:

Semi conductor inspection, Wafer inspection, PC-B inspection, FPD inspection, Reticle inspection, CD-SEM, Thickness, Measurement, Thermal monitoring, Optical communication, WDM Network providers, Wireless data links, All optical switches, EDFA, Specialty optical parts.


Medical X-ray CT, Gamma Camera, Photo-dynamic therapy, Laser treatment, wireless endoscopy, HPLC, Dental computerized radiography, CO2 monitoring, mammography, Dental Lasers, 3D dental mapping, Dentist simulator.


Industrial Electronic printing devices, Laser soldering, Pyrometer, Automatic optical inspection, Semiconductor manufacture, Diamond processing, Diamond color analysis

Electro-optics, Solid state lasers manufacture, Optical power meters, Beam profiler, IR-camera, Semiconductor lasers, Lens inspection systems, Optics manufacture.

Various X-ray spectroscopic analysis, Defense industry, Optical thermometer, Agricultural sorting machine, Non destructive x-ray inspection, Range finders, 3d mapping, Laser marking, X-ray diagnostic systems, LCD projector, Endo-scope, Crude oil inspection, Fire detection, Passive Ir. Alarm, Traffic control system, Laser induced fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy.

In addition to that, we serve the entire academic market.